The diagram below provides a visual reference for wiring of the components. This diagram was created using the software package Fritzing.

Adafruit Library for Fritzing

Use Adafruit's Fritzing parts library to create circuit diagrams for your projects. Download the library or just grab individual parts. Get the library and parts from GitHub - Adafruit Fritzing Parts.

A0 – I2C Address Change

You'll also need to change the I2C address of one of the matrices. Solder the A0 jumper on one of the LEDs matrices to set the address to 0x71. That way we will end up with these addresses for our matrices:

  • Matrix 1 = 0x70 (default, no solder)
  • Matrix 2 = 0x71

The 0x70 address matrix in on top and the 0x71 address matrix in on the bottom. Also reference the photos in the general build.

Wired Connections

  • VCC from Mini Matrix (0x70) to VCC on Mini Matrix (0x71 – A0)
  • GND from Mini Matrix (0x70) to GND on Mini Matrix (0x71 – A0)
  • SDA from Mini Matrix (0x70) to SDA on Mini Matrix (0x71 – A0)
  • SCL from Mini Matrix (0x70) to SCL on Mini Matrix (0x71 – A0)
  • VCC from Mini Matrix (0x71 – A0) to 3V on Feather Sense
  • GND from Mini Matrix (0x71 – A0) to GND on Feather Sense
  • SDA from Mini Matrix (0x71 – A0) to SDA on Feather Sense
  • SCL from Mini Matrix (0x71 – A0) to SCL on Feather Sense

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