Matrices Enclosure

Insert the 4-pin JST SH cable from the matrices through one of the holes on either side of the enclosure. Reference the photo for correct  placement. Check to ensure the top and bottom matrices are correctly positioned.

Install Cover

Place the cover with the matrices installed over the enclosure. Position wiring so it's fully inside the case and it does not get kinked. Firmly press the cover into the case to snap fit shut.

Secure Feather Sense and Switch

Insert the Feather Sense into the bottom base at an angle. Fit the PCB under the clips and fit mounting holes into the standoffs. Insert the slide switch at an angle into the built-in holder. 

Install Case to Bottom Base

Orient the case with the cutouts on the bottom base. Fit the case into the bottom base by press fitting snaps.

Secure Battery

Use a piece of double sided tape or mounting tack to secure the 400mAh battery to the bottom base.

Installing Spindles

The three spindles are secured to the top and bottom covers using M3 x 6mm long machine screws. They're symmetrical and can be installed in either direction.

Securing Spindles

Place one of the spindles onto the bottom covering that goes onto the top base. Line up the mounting holes and insert screw. Fasten tightly.

Secured Spindles

Repeat process for the other two spindles. Ensure the spindles are installed onto the correct side of the cover. Reference photo for correct placement.

Install Matrix Case

The matrix enclosure is press fitted into the covering that goes onto the bottom covering that goes onto the top base.

Bottom Cover – Top Base

The shape cutout in the center of the covering lines up with the end of the matrix enclosure. Firmly press the case through the covering so surfaces are flush.

Top Cover – Bottom Base

Insert the 4-pin JST cable from the matrix through the center hole of the top cover that goes onto the bottom base.

Install Cover to Matrix Case

Fit the end of the matrix case through the center hole of the top cover. Ensure the 4-pin JST cable is through the hole and accessible.

Secure Cover to Bottom Base

Insert and fasten three M3 x 6mm long machine screws to secure spindles to the top cover.

Connect Matrix to Feather

Grab the cable from the matrix and plug it into the JST cable on the Feather Sense. Double check the assembly is correctly installed.

Install Bottom Base

Fit the top cover onto the bottom base with the cut outs lined up properly. Firmly press edges together to snap fit shut.

Top Base

Install the top cover to the top base. The top base is symmetrical so it can be installed in either direction.

Install Top Base

Lastly, place the top base over the bottom cover and firmly press together to snap fit shut.

Final Build

And there we have it! Your LED matrix hourglass is assembled and ready for testing. Use the switch to power the Feather on and off.

When the battery is low, turn off the project and recharge the battery using a micro USB cable.

This guide was first published on Jul 07, 2020. It was last updated on Feb 10, 2024.

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