Ok, let's start with some simple accent lighting! In addition to the supplies listed on the first page, you will need:

This mask has a feather accent that's just begging for LEDs. Decide where your sequins will go, then solder them together with wires in parallel, as shown in the circuit diagram:

Sequins come in sheets of five. If they'll be close together in your design, consider leaving them attached to the sheet as you solder them, since they'll stay put more readily-- you can detach and discard the connecting piece before they go into your mask.

Strip and tin pieces of wire before soldering them them, two at a time in some cases, to your LED sequins. When you get to the end of the chain, repeat with the battery wires, with the red wire connected to the + side of the sequins and the black wire connected to the - (as shown in the circuit diagram).

Heat up your glue gun or find your Quick Hold and glue your sequins into the feather accent.

You can glue the circuit to the outside, or tuck the wires behind the first layer of lace. Power up your battery pack to double check that nothing is blocking the LEDs.

Finally, find a spot for your battery holder. This may be glued inside the forehead of the mask, or in this case, we sandwiched it in between the feather accent and the mask itself using E6000 adhesive (hot glue won't hold here for long). Set it up to dry where it won't slide apart (we balanced our mask on a paper cup), and let it dry for 24 hours.

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