We designed a toothpick-like 3D object that looks like the insides and legs of an LED. The clear gummy "lens" will let you look into the candy at this stucture, which mimics the look of a light-emitting diode. The long legs extend outside the candy to function as a way to hold onto the candies. The model was designed in TinkerCad.
The model for this part is available on Thingiverse as a single piece and also a 16-up, allowing you to print many at once. We found them quick to print on our MakerBot Replicator 2 in PLA (corn based plastic).

These parts will come in contact with hot gummy candy, which at its hottest is never more than 200 degrees F. The candy is even cooler by the time it's in the mold and you are jabbing at it with the tiny picks-- we don't think this contact poses any health risk to the tasters of the candy, but we'd rather print in PLA than ABS to play it safe. Wash the parts with room temperature water and dish soap in a strainer before use.

As with all Adafruit projects, this project is conducted at your own risk!
We printed these in clear PLA, but think they would also look great in other colors!

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