In this project we'll use our small LED sequins to add lights to our face. These small LEDs are connected to a coin cell breakout board with a build-in on and off switch. We 3d printed a small enclosure and clip to attach the whole circuit to apparel!

This super easy project is great for Halloween or any character with glowing body parts. Perfect for cosplay events or even for safe night riding!

We used wire wrap to connect the LEDs because its thin and still has just enough strength for repeated use. We also tried using the ultra thin magnet wire. It definitely blends into skin better, making it basically invisible, but it will break after repeated use. You could try to strengthen it by doubling up and combining two wires together. 

First we'll need to solder the LEDs to build two short strips to fit over your eyebrows. The LEDs are then connected to a small coin cell break out board with a build-in on and off switch. Finally, we'll 3d print a small enclosure and clip to attach the whole circuit to apparel!


This project is inspired by the popular LED eyelashes project (a.k.a. We wanted to make a simplified version that people could easily build! 


LED sequins have build in resistors, so they are super easily to wire up. The 10 LEDs are powered by a 12mm 3v coin cell battery and should last for quite a while.


You do not need a microcontroller to drive these sequins, unless you want them to blink or fade!


They come in packs of five with breakaway tabs. You can separate them one at a time but for this project we'll leave them on the tabs to have equal spacing between the LEDs.

Parts, Tools and Supplies

Here's a list of the parts needed to make this project.

Spool of thin Enameled Copper Magnet Wire
For winding custom coils, or very fine-pitch rework, we always reach for magnet wire. Magnet wire is very very thin (0.1mm diameter!) copper wire with a very thin...
In Stock
Single LED sequin PCB attached to two alligator clips, glowing blue
Sew a little sparkle into your wearable project with an Adafruit LED Sequin. These are the kid-sister to our popular Flora NeoPixel,...
Out of Stock
Angled shot of a 12mm Coin Cell Breakout Board with On-Off Switch.
Simple but effective - this breakout board has a CR1220 coin cell battery holder soldered on, an on/off switch and 0.1" pitch breakout pins for easy connecting. Great for powering...
In Stock
Angled shot of CR1220 12mm Diameter - 3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery - CR1220.
These are the highest quality & capacity batteries, the same as shipped with the iCufflinks, iNecklace, Datalogging and GPS Shields, GPS HAT, etc. One battery per order...
In Stock
Filament for 3D printers in various colors and types stacked together.
Having a 3D printer without filament is sort of like having a regular printer without paper or ink.  And while a lot of printers come with some filament there's a good chance...
Out of Stock
Large spool of Wire Wrap Thin Prototyping & Repair Wire
This stuff is called "wire-wrap wire" because it used to be used for wire-wrapping high-speed digital circuits on a special kind of contact board. It's pretty rare to see wire-wrapping in...
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