Start by cutting two lengths of enamelled wire to encompass your head, leaving about 4 to 5cm extra on each side. 

Mark one of these wires with a sharpie along its length, to denote a negative wire. 

Twist these two wires together along their length, remembering to leave about 4cm each end untwisted for the LED mounting points. Cut wires equally into two lengths.

Using sandpaper or a craft knife, strip all the enamel off the 4 straight ends of the two lengths. Tin the wires with solder, making sure to only coat them and not leave lumps on the terminals. 

Make sure to completely clean the wire ends of enamel before trying to solder, or you will fail!

Using the soft jaw clamp, affix one of the wire lengths to the table, and arrange the straight ends to leave a 2mm gap.

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