This circuit diagram is a reference -- the layout will be a bit different for the actual build. This diagram was created using Fritzing.

We'll add a battery extension cable to the Feather Sense, soldered to the + and - pads behind the JST connector, since just plugging the battery in directly makes the package too large for the PVC tube.

The PropMaker Wing will be stacked on top of the Feather Sense, using the attached headers.

We'll solder the LED on/off switch to the PropMaker Wing as shown:

  • Leftmost pin to G
  • Second pin to switch G
  • Third pin not used
  • Fourth pin to switch EN
  • Rightmost pin to A1

The two LED strands will both be soldered to a single connector that plugs into the NeoPixel port on the PropMaker Wing.

We'll also create a USB extension cable (not shown in the diagram above) so our USB port will be accessible from the side of the handle.

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