This nickel plated nibbling tool has been a staple in my lab for the last fifteen years. It makes easy work of trimming down PCBs and knocking off sharp corners. This quarter sized perma-proto board can fit into the mask as is, but I split it in half to save space.

Nibble, nibble, nibble. 

Solder 2" leads to each of the NeoPixel sticks. We only need to use the DIN, 5V and GND.

Once the electronics are attached to the outside of the mask via sewing through the mount holes and unused pins we can start soldering wires to the perma-proto board. 

This above wiring diagram shows which connections we need to put in place. Try and use 2" leads between components so it is to access the proto-board with a soldering iron. 

Final hookup with all the components connected.

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