Switch Prep

With most projects, I like to start with the on/off switch. I’ll first prep the switch by snipping off one of the legs and trimming the remaining two short. Then I’ll tin them with a bit of solder.

Switch Wires

I’ll need cut two pieces of wire for connecting the switch to the Adafruit Feather. Using wire stripper, remove of a bit of insulation to exposed the strands of wires. To keep the strands together and make it easier to attach to the legs of the switch, i'll apply a bit of solder to tin them.

Connect Wires to Switch

Next, I attached the wires to the legs of the switch by them heating up with the tip of the soldering iron. I added a piece of heat shrink to keep the two wires together.

Connect Switch to Feather

Now I can work on connecting the switch to the Feather. I tinned the enable and a ground pin on the Adafruit Feather before soldering the wires in. I used one of the available ground pins on near the prototyping area. 

Test Switch

With the switch now connected to the Adafruit Feather, I can plug in the battery to test out the switch and the circuit. It'll power on when the switch allows current to pass through the enable and ground pins.

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