Start by cutting the cathode (short leg) of the LED down to about 6mm.
Pick a leg, any leg on the button... and snip it off as near to the body of the button as possible; minimizing the sharp snaggy bits.
Bend the pin across from the one you clipped out and the other two pins into the body of the button.
If you are worried about sharp / pokey bits, you can use the leg of the LED you cut off to bridge the two legs of the button.

Use SAC305 RoHS lead-free Solder... especially if your kits are going to be in tiny hands.
This circuit uses 20-24 AWG Crimp Sockets to easily connect each component.
Wrap a socket around the free leg of the button and crimp in place.
You can use a small pair of pliers, jewelry crimps, or one of the awesome crimpers from the Adafruit store.
Time to trim-up some resistors.
Cut the lead to about 5mm on both sides of the resistor.
Crimp a socket on only one side... just like you did with the button.
Leave the other side as a bare pin.
Dress up your crimp sockets with a bit of 2 - 3mm shrink tube.
About 6mm each (because it shrinks) will do.
One over the crimp socket on the button.
One over the crimp socket on the resistor.
Shrink the tubes with a heat gun, hand torch, match, lighter, or solar death ray of your choice.

Fire burns... be careful!
voilà... one down.

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