The package template (blue download link below) includes a ready-to-print PDF and the original Adobe Illustrator file... modify away!

I've used standard printer paper here. It's easy to cut, fold, and glue... at the expense of the package being a little more fragile. If you want something more durable, you can always upgrade to cardstock.

After printing, cut on the solid lines...
Using a straight edge, bend on the dotted lines.
'Pinching' the curved lines is pretty easy with standard printer paper... a little more difficult with card stock.
Grab your favorite glue or sticky-tape dispenser.
I use a double-sided tape dispenser... it's fast and friendly. Apply to both tabs in the middle section.
Carefully align the side tabs and press together.
You can put a dab on the lip of the package now... or wait until the last step of kitting; I prefer the latter.

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