Now that you've got your PyPortal displaying your stats, dress things up a bit with a re-purposed trophy! C'mon, you know you've got one in a box somewhere. If not, get one at a yard sale or thrift shop.


Remove off any unnecessary parts or labels from your trophy if you like.

In this case, I'm going to mount the PyPortal in the center, so I'll remove the (admittedly awesome) spinning "KICKBALL" element.


Using zip ties, connect each of the four mounting holes of the PyPortal to the trophy.

Carefully cut the excess plastic on the zip tie with diagonal cutters or a toenail clipper.

Alternately, you can use double-stick foam mounting tape or some other method to mount it.

Now, your display is complete, just plug it into USB power and admire your achievements!

Alternate Mounting

You may consider using the laser-cut acrylic frame in the Adafruit shop or one of the 3D printed stands available for PyPortal on Thingiverse. Be creative and have fun!

This guide was first published on Apr 19, 2019. It was last updated on Jul 17, 2024.

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