The following can also be done quickly with few parts:

The eyeball code that comes pre-installed on Hallowing boards can easily be reloaded by double-clicking the reset button and then drag-and-drop a file to the HALLOWBOOT drive, as explained in the main Hallowing tutorial. There’s even a few variants to suit your individual tastes. Quick and easy!


Strap it on a hat or headband, or wear it on a lanyard. Root through your closet for the gothiest garb that work decorum allows. The HalloWing eye can be your little friend.

This spirit board idea is similarly creepy and quick to set up.

From Cylons to Knight Rider, the Larson scanner LED effect (a dot moving back & forth) is a sci-fi staple. It’s super-easy to do with HalloWing and this half-meter JST-equipped NeoPixel strip that plugs right into the board.


Light-up effects can add an extra element of safety to trick-or-treat costumes (use the USB battery idea below to ensure plenty of run time). Or maybe you’ve seen those phenomenal Magic Wheelchair projects but aren’t at that level of workmanship…a bit of lighting can make even a modest craft project stand out!

This Larson Scanner tutorial was originally written with the Trinket microcontroller in mind, but we’ve since updated it with changes to run on HalloWing as well. It’s a little more work than the eyeball idea above…you’ll need to edit some code and mount the NeoPixel strip somehow. Attach it to a hat or a quick cardboard box robot head and you’re well on your way.

Here’s a guide that was written with jack-o’-lanterns in mind, but really it could give anything a simulated fire-like effect. It shows a Circuit Playground board being used…but only minor changes are needed (explained in the guide) to work with HalloWing and NeoPixel strip.


Maybe it’s for the briefcase from Pulp Fiction. Maybe just something cool to add to one’s candy bucket. Or light up a prop lantern for Paul Revere. Whatever the idea, it’s quick and effective!

Image Slideshow

See this guide on how to make a slideshow of images for your HalloWing or other CircuitPython compatible boards: Creating Slideshows in CircuitPython.

Use your imagination, stay safe, and have fun!

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