Cut your stamp out along the fence if that is your preference. You can vector cut this on your laser cutter if you like, but we found it a bit prone to flame while vectoring, plus the rubber is very easy to cut with scissors.
We cut ours down further after looking at commercial stamps, following the contours of the design.
Cut your stamper's sticky pad cover if you've cut your stamp smaller than the stamper.
Peel and stick your stamper to your rubber stamp.
Here's how to stamp a hackerspace passport! You will need some stamp pads.
Ink your main stamper you just made.
Be sure it's fully inked!
Press the stamp firmly and evenly into your hackerspace passport.
Here's what the stamp looks like before the addition of the day's date.
Set a date stamper to today's date.
Ink the date stamp! We chose a contrasting color.
Stamp the date!
Your stamp is done! Repeat and enjoy!

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