In the ten years since Arduino was first released, there's been a huge proliferation of hundreds of different "Arduino boards" available. On one hand, there's an Arduino for just about every kind of specialized purpose, but on the other hand - it can get quite confusing!

In this tutorial we'll be focusing on the Arduino UNO which is the classic Arduino, by far the most popular and is what 99% of projects use. It's basic, well supported, and is a great starter-duino.

As you do more you will find that there may be other Arduino compatibles you could want!

For example the Arduino Mega is...well, Mega! Its a big sister to the UNO with a ton more memory and pins, and a different chip, the ATmega2560. It's a good upgrade when your project no longer fits in an UNO

The Arduino Micro, on the other a bit smaller! It has a different Atmega32u4 chip that can do native USB so it can act like a keyboard or mouse. Its slim and has downward-pin headers so you can plug it into a breadboard.

The Arduino MKR1000 is a little like an Arduino Micro but has a more powerful 32-bit ATSAM ARM chip and built-in WiFi! A great upgrade for when you want to do Internet of Things projects

There's also Arduino-compatibles like the Flora we make here at Adafruit. It's a round wearable Arduino and rather than use wires you can sew it into clothing for portable soft-electronic projects

And really, there are hundreds of others... once you start with the Arduino you can take it anywhere!

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