Installing Arduino

Visit to download the latest version of Arduino

Click on the Windows Installer link to download the installer, then double click to launch it

You may get a warning asking if you're sure you want to run the installer. It's ok, click YES

There is an open source license to click through. Install in the default location

You can use the default setup installation options

Finally it will take a minute or two to install

When done you'll have the software installed

Other Drivers

Depending on your Arduino compatible you may need to install seperate drivers for the USB to serial converter

For all Adafruit compatibles, we have an all in one installer that will install all of the Adafruit board drivers. It will also install the FTDI and CP210x drivers

Click below to download our Driver Installer

Download and run the installer

Run the installer! Since we bundle the SiLabs and FTDI drivers as well, you'll need to click through the license

Select which drivers you want to install (we suggest selecting all of them so you never have to worry about installing drivers when you start to explore other Arduino-compatibles)

Click Install to do the installin'

You should not need to restart your computer but it's not a bad idea!

Find your Serial (COM) Port

To verify your Arduino driver installed properly, plug it into USB and open up the Device Manager. You can find the Device Manager in the Control Panel (search for Device Manager)

When you open the Device Manager, find the section called Ports and expand it:

You'll see an icon next to some text that says Arduino UNO (COMxx) where xx is a number

If you have a Metro, it won't say Arduino UNO, just USB Serial Port (COMxx)

The COM number may vary but it should be something like COM3 or COM4. The COM stands for "communication", and each one has a unique number, known as the COM Port number. In this case the COM Port number is COM18.

You can unplug your Arduino to see the COM port device disappear and re-appear when plugged in.

If you don't see the Arduino show up, check:

  • Is your cable a data cable or charge only? Try another USB cable
  • Try another USB port!
  • Verify you installed the drivers, you can always try installing them again (never hurts)
  • Check your Arduino does not need some other drivers, your vendor can point you at the right driver if necessary

This guide was first published on Jul 14, 2016. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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