To get you all set up, start by installing the Arduino IDE Software

This is the free application you'll use to write programs and talk to your Arduino or compatible. Did we mention it is free? How awesome is that?

You can download Arduino from

There's a lot of other companies and groups that may try to get you to download the Arduino software but it could have viruses or malware. Only download from !

When you visit the Arduino site you'll see a section like this:

The Arduino software is under constant revision. As of this writing, the version available is 1.6.9 but you may have a more recent version. Just grab whatever is the most recent


Download and install with the Installer. The Zip file (non-admin install) is not recommended unless you cannot run the installer


Download and drag the Application out of the compressed folder.


Available for 32-bit or 64-bit Linux, once you download you will need to manually decompress and install

Raspberry Pi and other ARM-based Linux

There's a new version you can use that is compiled for ARM processors! It works on the Raspberry Pi and will likely work on any other ARM core Linux

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