Circuit Playground Express has a built-in microphone, but we'll need to mount it away from the Switch's speakers in order to see our lighting effects.  Let's use a separate mic that we can mount close to the Switch's speaker - then use wires to connect it to the Circuit Playground Express.

Prep the wires

  • Cut three pieces of wire - each about 30cm long, one in blue, one in white, and one in red.
  • Strip about 7mm of shielding from both ends of each wire.
  • Tin each exposed end with solder.

Solder wires to the Circuit Playground Express

Now we'll connect those wires to the Circuit Playground's contacts. Each wire color connects to a specific contact pad:

  • Red wire connects to 3.3V
  • Blue wire connects to GND
  • White wire connects to A7 



Poke each tinned wire lead through its corresponding contact pad, bend the wire around the outside of the pad to keep it in place - and then solder it securely.


At this point, you can loosely braid the wires in order to keep them grouped neatly together.  This is optional :)








Solder Wires to the Electret Microphone Amplifier

Next, we'll connect our wiring to the Microphone board. Each wire color connects to a specific pad on the Microphone board. Poke each wire through its respective pad and solder in place:

  • Red wire connects to V+
  • Blue wire connects to GND
  • White wire connects to Out



Once each wire is soldered to the board, clip any excess leads off to avoid accidental bridginf between the pads.

That's all for soldering and wiring - now we can move on to programming the board.

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