The next step is to create an association between the pins that we created on our symbol, and the pads that we created in our package.

We do this by selecting our package from the package list, and then using the 'Connect' button just beneath the list:

Connecting Pins and Pads

The connect button should bring up a dialogue box similar to the following:
This dialogue box is used to map pins on our schematic symbol with the physical pads on our package.

The symbol pins are listed on the left-hand column, the middle column lists the pads in our package, and the final column is used to show 'connected' pins and pads.

Connecting Your First Pin and Pad

To connect a pin and a pad, simply select your pin, then select the appropriate pad, and click the 'Connect' button.
It's extremely important to pay attention when connecting pins and pads. Always double-check your results against the datasheet since mistakes are easy to make here, and they may have catastrophic consequences on the PCB (unintended shorts, etc.)
Opening up our datasheet, we can see that the GA1A1S202WP has the following pin layout:
We can see looking at the pin numbers the following associations:

  • Pins 1 and 2 (as indicated in the datasheet footprint) are GND
  • Pin 3 is IO
  • Pin 4 is VCC
Starting at the bottom and moving up, we would connect Pin 4 (VCC) by selecting VCC in the pin list, and P$4 in our pad list ...
... and clicking the 'Connect' button, which will remove the pin and pad from the first two columns, and add it to the final column:
If you made a mistake connecting a pin and a pad, just select the faulty connecting in the third column and click the 'Disconnect' button!

Final Results

Connecting the result of our pins should give you something similar to the following:
Now just click the 'OK' button and we can add some finishing touches to our new device!

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