Installing TFT Display

Fit the TFT Display through the large hole from the bottom of the key plate and pull it out to the top. The display should be facing up with the stems of the key switches.

TFT Display Hardware

Use the following hardware to secure the TFT display to the key plate.

  • 4x M2.5 x 12mm
  • 4x M2.5 hex nuts

Secure TFT Display

Line up the mounting holes from the TFT display to the holes on the key plate. While holding the display in place, insert a M2.5 screw through the mounting hole. Use the hex nut to secure the PCB to the key plate. Repeat this process for the other mounting holes.

Installed TFT Display

Double check the TFT display is correctly installed and secured. The screws and hex nuts should be finger tightened.

Install Key Plate to Frame

The Key Plate is fitted into the frame. Orient the frame so the key plate can drop into the cavity. The key plate should rest on the internal ledge. Press the key plate to make it flush with the ledge inside the frame.

Installed Key Plate

Double check the key plate is correctly installed into the frame.

Installing QT Py

The QT Py RP2040 is press fitted into the holder built into the bottom cover. The USB Port should be facing out. The holder is designed to fit the PCB with it elevated. Trim any excess solder bits from the bottom of the PCB to make it sit flush.

Install Bottom Cover

The bottom cover is snap fitted under the frame. Carefully arrange the cables so they're fitted inside the frame. Start by fitting one side first and then firmly pressing the parts together.

Install Display Cover

Fit the display cover into the center paw shaped hole in the top cover. This can optionally be glued to the top cover if you prefer. 

Install Top Cover

With the display cover fitted into the top, begin to install it over the frame. Similar to the bottom cover installation, start with one side and firmly press to other side together.

Install Key Caps

Get the key caps ready to install to the key switches.

Installing Key Caps

The key caps are press fitted over the stems of the key switches. Orient the caps so they're matching the toe beans.

Installed Key Caps

Firmly boop (press down on) each of the toe beans to fully install.

Final Build

And we're ready for toe beans! Congratulations on completing your build.

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