3D Cosplay Prop Kit

This easy-to-build kit features parts with screw-threaded ends. It's also easy to take apart and break down, making it great for transport. Each part is printed in a specific color. Parts are designed to 3D print without any support material. Best suited for large printers with minimum build volume of 250mm x 210mm x 210mm. Download the files and 3D print your own keyblade!

3D Printed Parts

These parts were 3D printed using a special blend of PLA filament. The PLA Extrafill from Fillamentum appear to be infused with glitter giving parts a semi-glossy surface finish. These wasn't any post-processing done – These parts are straight off the printer. These filaments give parts a texture makes layer lines appear less visible at a distance.

This prop is separated into parts that are designed to be modular. The assembly is easy to build and the parts snap fit together. The build uses hardware fasteners for a ridge frame that is sturdy and durable.

The design source files are open source and available for remixing. This guide will provide a parts list, slice settings and assembly instructions.

Keyblade Lore 

The Kingdom Key is the iconic weapon featured in the Kingdom Hearts video game series. They're known to be mysterious weapons that are used to battle between darkness and light. It has the ability to lock/unlock a world's keyhole to seal or open the barriers between worlds, as well as lock/unlock any room, gate or treasure chest. Although there's not much of a cutting edge, they are shown to be effective combat weapons.

From Kingdom Hearts Fandom Wiki

Keyblades can only be wielded by chosen individuals who are strong of heart.

Shaped like keys, they operate any lock in existence and are imbued with magic and other unique capabilities.

Sword & Key Anatomy

The Keyblade design is based off keys used with warded locks. A warded lock uses wards to stop the lock from opening. Key have corresponding notches to the wards in the lock. The different shapes in the wards can be quite intricate. These old style lock designs are iconic and can be found as far back as ancient China and Rome.

  • Total Weight: 1lb, 3.6oz (554g)
  • Total Length: 40in (101cm)
  • Number of parts: 14 pcs


Filament for 3D printers in various colors and types stacked together.
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Heat-Set Insert tool For Soldering Irons #4-40 / M3 Inserts.
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Required Hardware

Author Notes:

There's a lot of different methods of constructing cosplay props, foam smithing, metal working and wood working. Search on YouTube to see different ways makers build props – There's a few different Keyblade build videos worth checking out. I think the Kingdom Key has a nice simple form with geometric shapes that translate nicely across different mediums and materials. I think the story behind this weapon is both interesting and very creative.

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