Handle Assembly

The handle is comprised of six individual pieces. The cross guard requires M3 screws and heat set inserts. The end cap and connector parts are keyed and snap fit into registrations in the cross guard.

Required Hardware

Blade Assembly

The blade is comprised of seven parts. The collar joins the tubing to the handle. The pipe extension is printed twice to lengthen the tubing. The key wards slide into the v-slot on the pipe-key.stl part. The pipe-top-cap.stl part is designed to snap fit and locks on top.

Installing Heat Set Inserts

The handle requires threaded inserts for joining the halves together with screws. The term "heat set" is named after the installation process. Place an insert on top of the mounting hole. Use the tip of a soldering iron to heat up the insert and slowly press down to install. I  suggest using a vise to help keep parts in place. I used a long screw to test the straightness so you can go back and reheat if you need to.

Install Grip

The grip features registration keys on both ends. The cylinder is symmetrical so it can fit either orientation. Line up the notches on the handle halves and press to snap fit into place. 

Install End Cap

The pommel, or "bow" of the keyblade is made from two pieces that are glued together – handle-ring.stl and handle-endcap.stl. The endcap part features registration keys that slot into the bottom of the cross guard halves.

Install Collar Connector

The handle-connector.stl part is fitted on the opposite end of the cross guard. It also features registration keys that slot and snap fit onto the cross guard halves.

Clamp & Secure

Place the other half of the cross guard and clamp it onto the assembly. Hold the parts together while installing machine screws. Insert and fasten 8x M3 x 6mm long machine screws until fully tightened.


Install Key Wards

The key wards feature an edge that slides into the v-slot on the pipe-key.stl part. Install the key ward with the drafted angle going in first – Reference photo for correct placement. If tolerances are too slight to fully slide in, use a mini rubber mallet to hammer it in. Place the pipe-top-cap.stl part over the tubing with the notches lined up. Use the edge of the table to apply firm pressure to snap fit and lock it in place.

Install Pipes

Connect the two pipe-extension.stl parts together. Then, install the pipe-base.stl part onto the bottom of the pipe extension. Proceed to install the pipe-key.stl part onto the top of the pipe extension.

Install Collar

Screw the handle-collar.stl part onto connector on the handle assembly. This piece joints the handle assembly to the blade assembly.

Install Handle to Blade

Twist the collar onto the tubing of the blade assembly. Firmly twist to tighten until the cross guard and key wards line up properly. Take a moment to disassemble a few times to get the threads to smoothly screw together. The blade and handle can be removed for storage or putting in a bag for traveling to an event.

This guide was first published on Apr 22, 2019. It was last updated on Apr 20, 2024.

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