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Adafruit seesaw Library

To use with the Arduino IDE, you will need to install the Adafruit_seesaw library.

Start by downloading the zip of the library from the Github repository. You can also just click the button below

Copy the folder inside the zip file to the Libraries folder inside your Arduino Sketchbook folder and re-name it to Adafruit_seesaw
For more details on how to install Arduino libraries, check out our detailed tutorial!

Running the Example Code

The library comes with a Joy Featherwing example to get you started fast. Plug the Wing into the Feather and connect the Feather to your computer with the USB cable.

Open the Arudino IDE and load File->Examples->Adafruit_seesaw->joy_featherwing_example

The example assumes the interrupt pin is connected to pin 5 on the Feather via the first solder jumper on the far left. If you have not soldered this jumper the example code will need to be modified.

Click the Upload button and open the Serial Monitor at 115200 baud speed.

When you move the joystick you should see data appear in the format x,y

When you press a button, a notification should appear in the monitor.

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