Install Joystick

The analog thumb joystick will be need to installed to the breakout board and soldered in place. Orient the pins of the joystick and line them up with the pinholes on the breakout board. You may need to slightly bend the pins into place. Check all of the pins to ensure they're inserted to their respective pinholes before fully seating the joystick. Firmly pressing down the joystick to install it. 

Solder Joystick to PCB

With the joystick now installed to the breakout board, apply solder to all of the pins to permanently secure them in place. Again, I suggest using a Panavise Jr. to help keep the board steady while soldering. 

Wires for Joystick

We'll need a total of five wires to connect the joystick to the Adafruit Feather. These connections will be power, ground, x-axis, y-axis, and select. The length of these wires should be about 11cm.

Tin Wires

Slip on a piece of heat shrink tubing to keep the wires grouped together. Using third helping hands, secure the bundle of wires and apply a bit of solder to tin all of the tips.

Connect Wires to PCB

The wiring works best when soldered to the back side of the PCB. There aren't any labels on the back, so you'll need to flip it over to reference the connections – If you're being consistent with the colors, you may want to periodically check which wire goes to which pinhole. 

Connect Wires to Feather

Now we can solder the wires from the Joystick PCB to the Adafruit Feather. At this point, the pinouts on the Feather are a bit cluttered, so you'll need to move some of the other wires to make room for the wires from the joystick. Reference the circuit diagram to get the correct pinouts for each wire. 

Wired Components

Now we have all of the wiring complete! It's a good idea to double check the wiring and cross reference them with the circuit diagram to ensure it's all correct. You'll also want to make sure you have a sufficient amount of solder on each pinhole. There's a total of 21 wires in the build, so it's not common to find one isn't fully soldered. 

This guide was first published on Oct 04, 2017. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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