All–In-One Retro Game Controller & Console

The Adafruit Joy Bonnet is a tiny add-on for the Raspberry Pi W that features a 2-axis joystick and 8 buttons. It's great for making retropie projects. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to use the Othermill Pro to mill a case out of wood. We'll also walk through the design process.

Prerequisite Guides

We suggest you walk through the following learning guide in order to get familiar with the Joy Bonnet. It'll walk you through the software installation and get you up and running.

How to CNC

This tutorial covers some of the basics for learning how to use CAM tools in Autodesk Fusion 360. It walks through the setup process and shows how to create tool paths for machining parts using Othermill Pro desktop CNC. We'll also take a quick look at material preparation and planning.

Author Notes

I choose to do this project because I wanted to gain more experience with CNC milling. I've done some other projects with the Othermill before, but this is the first enclosure I've designed specifically for CNC milling. Compared to 3D printing, there's a few limitations I had to consider. Although it's a simple project, I did learn some new CAM skills and documented the process for future reference.

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