Lay your GEMMA and Jewel side by side as in the photo. The wires will be going in the area between the two parts. Trim and strip three pieces of wire--2 at 2 1/4" and 1 at 2 3/4". 

Tin just the one side of each of the wires. This will be the side that gets inserted into the fat pads of the GEMMA. The other side we will leave without solder, so it is easier to insert into the small pads of the Jewel.

Don't forget that you will be inserting your wires into the back side of each of these parts to solder.

Now solder wires using the longer wire for the ground connection.

GEMMA --> Jewel

  • D1 --> Data In
  • GND --> GND
  • Vout --> Power

Nip off the excess tips of the wires.


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