Get your felt out, as well as a shot glass. Trace the larger side of the shot glass on the felt for a 2" circle. Fold the fabric so you can cut 2 circles at one time.

Now take your scrap of cardboard and use the other side of the shot glass to trace a 1 1/2" circle. Cut one of these.

Get your chopstick, which should now have its finished gloss. Use your hot glue gun to attach the fat side of the chopstick onto the cardboard. The chopstick should lay just a tad under the center of the cardboard, to allow room for the battery.

Next, glue one circle of felt to the cardboard. Be sure to spread the glue evenly as this will be a support for the Jewel. Glue the other circle of felt just to the stick, and not the cardboard. This will form the pocket for the battery.

Embroidery time! Thread a piece of floss and use a split stitch through the edges of the felt with the cardboard side facing up. You must stay close to the edge to allow room for the battery.

When you get close to the 10 o'clock position of the circle, only stitch through the top fabric, creating an opening for the battery. Put your battery inside so you know how wide to leave the opening. Then, finish the rest of the edges going through both layers of fabric, until you get to the stick. There you will only be able to get through one layer.

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