Take your chopstick and measure 6" starting at the tiny tip and mark a line. Then, cut using a hobby knife or saw. 


Sand the raw edge of the cut until smooth, and also sand the tip of the chopstick so it is a nice point. Now, give the entire chopstick a light sanding, as this will make the stick slide through the hair easier and also produce a better paint job.

Apply three coats of acrylic paint to the entire chopstick, allowing correct drying time between coats. It's helpful to clamp a clothespin on the thicker end and stand the pin up so the chopstick is positioned at the top, with its point on the table. 

If you are ambitious, start soldering your circuit, but don't forget to come back here to finish the chopstick. For the final touch, add 2 coats of clear nail polish to give a lacquered appearance. 

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