Gather the jewelry pieces. Using a head pin, thread your beads in your preferred pattern. Then, use your pliers to create a circle at the top of the wire. Create three of these units.

Select an eye pin, and thread your same pattern. When you are done, attach it to one of the other head pin units you made earlier. This will be the one longer strand of the dangle.

Using a jump ring, rotate the split ends apart by moving one side towards you. Don't pull the ring apart side to side or you will never regain the circular shape. Thread the three beaded units onto the ring. Then, attach the jump ring to the bottom of the Jewel on the unmarked hole at the bottom. Use the pliers to clamp the jump ring shut.

Now glue the Jewel onto the cardboard backed felt piece. Then, glue the GEMMA onto the stick/felt side. Concentrate the glue on the top half of the GEMMA where it will adhere nicely to the felt. The rest of the part will sit on the stick. You may want to poke something flat like a spoon handle into the felt pocket to help the GEMMA stick well to the felt and to keep the felt from sticking to the cardboard. 

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