Use the ItsyBitsy M4/M0 as a custom USB mechanical keypad with CircuitPython!

The Pimoroni Keybow is a 12 mechanical keyswitch USB HID keyboard controller designed to work with a Raspberry Pi Zero.

We'll build a custom Pi Bonnet to adapt the Keybow for use with the Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 or M0 microcontroller board and programmable in CircuitPython.

You can create custom key mapping, macros, media control and your own DotStar RGB lighting with this simple, fast booting, super-charged keypad!

Adaptation Options

You've got a couple of options of how to adapt the Keybow to work with an ItsyBitsy M4 -- you can wire up the pins on a ProtoBonnet as shown in this guide, or order this nifty PCB (printed circuit board) designed by John Park for this exact purpose.

Here are the Eagle CAD files for the board:


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