The best way to wear the pin is to plug in the USB battery pack and tuck it in your pocket. It can last 24 hrs. even with all the pinging of data. If you want to go rogue you can plug in the little LiPoly battery (the plug placement is a bit awkward and will take some finger gymnastics). You can trim a small piece of velcro and attach it to the battery with its matching velcro side on the back of the pin. That way you can just wear the battery for meet-and-greets for a short amount of time. Remember to use the micro Lipo charger for the battery. Also, if you want to change the Wi-Fi zone of your pin, you will need to review the basics. You may also want to install Particle's Command Line to simplify things.

If you are a serious ISS fan, you will probably want to sign up for alerts from NASA for best viewing days/times. This pin's data can be up to an hour off according to Particle, but it does let you know all the passes for your neighborhood, which is cool. The idea for the pin stems from a lack of awareness of how frequently the ISS is flying overhead. So, think of this project less as a scientific device, but more of a mindful way of experiencing spaceflight. Sending high fives to my NASA Datanaut friends!

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