Take the plastic button and remove the magnet from the back. We'll need it to be smooth to lay on top of the microcontroller. Remember we have a magnet pin back we'll be placing on the back of the NeoPixel ring.

Go to NASA's photo library and select your favorite Earth image. Size it to fit your button (mine was about 2 1/8 in.) and print it on paper/card stock. Cut out the image, as well as a matching circle of black paper. Then, pry open the plastic back of the button and place both the image and black paper inside with Earth facing out.

Now in order to create a removable hatch, we'll need to build up the inside area between the plastic button and microcontroller with velcro. You can create 2-3 layers like I did on either side of the Photon, or you can choose to glue some foam core or cardboard on the bottom layer with some velcro on top. The trick is to get the button to lay level on the top of the Photon as the micro jack makes it slightly uneven. Test out your layers of velcro before adhering them. 

The finishing touch is to add the magnetic pin on the back of the NeoPixel ring board. Just center it length-wise between the holes on the board. This is a strong pin so you won't have to worry about it falling off.

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