Circuit Diagram

The illustration is intended to be used only as a reference. The image above outlines each component and wired connections. The Trinket, Powerboost 500, 1200mAh lipo battery and switch slide will be housed inside the iris-box.stl part.

Prepping the Components

Before assembling 3D printed parts, you'll need to prepare the circuit. If this is your first project using NeoPixels and Arduino micro-controllers, it's a good idea to prototype your circuit with a breadboard.

Slide Switch Adapter

Shorten a JST extension cable to about 10mm long by cutting the positive and negative cables with wire cutters. Use wire stripers to strip the ends of the positive and negative wires. Apply a bit of rosin to the stripped ends and tin the tips of the wires. Add a piece of shrink tubing to the positive wire and solder them together by holding them in place with a third-helping-hand.

Trinket 5V

You will need to solder a female JST connection cable to the positive and negative power pads on the back of the PCB. This will allow you to plug in the male JST cable from the PowerBoost 500 5V out to the Trinket.

The following lists the pin outs for connecting the 5V Trinket to the 16x NeoPixel ring.

Trinket #0 to NeoRing IN
Trinket GND to NeoRing GND
Trinket BAT+ to NeoRing PWR

PowerBoost 500

Check out the PowerBoost introduction guide for more information on this module. In this circuit, you simply need to solder a male JST connection cable to the GND and 5V pins and connect that to the Trinket. The slide switch adapter will connect to the female EN (+) and GND (-) port on the PowerBoost 500.

NeoPixel Ring Chain

The four NeoPixel rings will be connected in a chain that will allow power, ground and data signal to distribute between them.
Each NeoPixel ring will need to share power and ground connections. The data pins are chained by connecting the first ring's OUT pin to the IN pin of the proceeding ring. You will need to measure the lengths of each wire so that they are long enough to chain together.

Powering 64 NeoPixel LEDs

In order to power all 4 of the 16x NeoPixel rings, we suggest using a Powerboost 500 module to increase the voltage of the 1200mAh lithium polymer battery from 3.7v to 5v. This will give better color over the long wires and high current draw

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