The tall legs and propeller guards are printed in high impact strength PET material to provide support. You can get a spool of T-Glaze filament from your favorite filament supplier.

TGLAZE 50c (heated bed) /230c extruder (40 extrude /50 travel speeds)
or 60c (heated bed) / 235c extruder (60 extrude /70 travel speeds)

PET+ 270c (50/60 speeds)

4 iris-prop-guard.stl
1 iris-box.stl
1 iris-cover.stl
4 iris-ring-cap.stl
4 iris-ring-clip.stl
4 iris-ring-holder.stl
ABS/PLA @240
TG @270
20% Infill
2 Shells
0.2 Layer height
5-6 hours for all pieces

The prop guard needs a minimum print build volume of 250mm x 150mm x 100mm. No raft or support needed. Fits IRIS classic.

iris+prop-guard-half-left.stl and iris+prop-guard-half-right.stl
Updated files for IRIS+. Guard must be printed in two parts to fit on most build platforms since the propellers are larger.

The box is designed to fit the 1200mAh battery, trinket, powerboost 500 and slide switch. No raft or support needed.

This part is the cover to the enclosure box. No raft or support needed.

This part should be printed in translucent filament material to protect and diffuse the LED light from the NeoPixel rings.

This is the mount that clips onto the arm of the IRIS. It needs support material to print the overhanging parts.

This part is designed to house the 16x NeoPixel Ring. No raft or support needed.

You can download the tall legs and arm mount for IRIS from thingiverse designed by Brendan22

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