Need a way to connect your Raspberry Pi to a breadboard? Check out the T-Cobbler Plus - this add-on prototyping board lets you easily connect a Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi Model Zero, A+, B+, Pi 2,Pi 3) to a solderless breadboard:

Angled shot of Assembled Pi T-Cobbler Plus next to GPIO ribbon cable
This is the assembled version of the Pi T-Cobbler Plus.  It only works with the Raspberry Pi Model Zero, A+, B+, Pi 2, Pi 3 & Pi 4! (Any Pi with 2x20...
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The ADT7410 and the 128x32 OLED each have a unique address and can be connected together as i2c devices, using the Raspberry Pi as a i2c controller (For more information about i2c addressing, check out the guide here...)

Make the following connections between the Pi and the ADT7410:

  • Pi 3.3V to ADT7410 VIN
  • Pi GND to ADT7410 GND
  • Pi SCL to ADT7410 SCL
  • Pi SDA to ADT7410 SDA

Make the following connections between the Pi and the OLED Display:

  • Pi SCL to Display SCL
  • Pi SDA to Display SDA
  • Pi GPIO #21 to Display RST
  • Pi 3.3V to Display VIN
  • Pi GND to Display GND

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