Solder Resister 


Gently bend the ends of the resistor to fit between the 3v and 12 pins. Position on the back side of the board (flat side of the Feather board). Follow the diagram to solder the wires to each pin.

Thread wire

Pass sensor through the printed Feather mount.

Press fit Feather

Align the stand-offs on the mount to the screw holes on the Feather and press fit the board into place. 

Prep Case


The DS18B20 fits through a 1/4" drill hole. The clear plastic case has markings to make a hole in the center.

Thread wire


Pass the sensor through the hole and align the printed mount to the two screw holes.

Mount Feather

Use the included screws to fasten the printed mount to the case.

Place the lipo battery next the feather and connect to the JST port.

Attach Lid


Place the lid over the case and fasten with the included screws.

Hot glue is not truly waterproof and can fail when exposed to UV or water. Marine 2-part epoxy is a better choice for a long-term sealed connection.,

Seal wire


Carefully apply hot glue over the hole to seal the case.

Place Case


Place the case at a corner of the pool and submerge the DS18B20 wire into the pool to start capturing data!

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