Cable for NeoPixels

Use the 4-wire weather proof cable to connect the NeoPixel strip to the Metro board. Use a piece of silicone ribbon cable to join the weather proof cable to a 3-pin strip of headers – This makes it easy to connect to the headers on the Metro board. Use heat shrink to insulate exposed connections. The overall length of the cable is 15cm (6in). 

USB-C Cable

Create a slim DIY USB cable to power the Metro board. The Metro is designed to fit a USB C type plug.

The other end can be any type of connector. Ideally the connector should fit an extra long USB cable for power.

The overall length of the cable is 15cm (6in). 

Install Heat Inserts

The case uses 4x M3 heat set inserts to secure the top cover. These are installed using a soldering iron with a special heat insert tip. Inserts allow for strong joints with reliable repeatability and no wear out. 

A heat insert rig can be used to make precise installations.

Install Cable Gland & Cables

Insert the PG-9 cable gland into the Metro case and secure using the included hex nut.

Fit the USB-C type plug through the cable gland. Then, insert the weather proof cable, header pins first, through the cable gland.

Connect Metro

Fit the header pins from the weather proof cable to Pin 6 (white wire), GND (black wire) and VHI (red wire) pins on the Metro. Connect the USB-C plug to the port on the Metro. Double check the connections from the cable are correct.

Secure Metro to Case

Orient the Metro board with the mounting holes on the case. Secure the standoffs to the case, then place the metro PCB over them. Secure using machine screws. Use the following hardware to secure the Metro PCB to the case.

  • 8x M3 x 6mm long screws
  • 4x M3 x 10mm long FF standoffs 

Secure Cover

Place the cover on top of the case. Secure using 4x M3 x 6mm long screws. Optionally use the TPU gasket to make a weather proof seal between the cover and case.

Secure Enclosure to Frame

Place the enclosure onto the leg frame in a desired location. The enclosue features four mounting holes for attaching. Secure the enclosure to the frame using #4-40 (M3) wooden screws.

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