You can create visual dashboards to display your data for easy viewing.

Navigate to the Dashboards page and click Edit.

In edit mode, a tile menu opens on the left. You can drag and drop different tiles into the main dashboard space. There's a variety of graph and display types to choose from.

The tile will be empty when you first bring it to the dashboard. You can click on the pencil icon to edit the tile to display your data.

The title will be displayed above the tile. You can configure the chart's axes and legend.


To bring the data into the tile, you'll select your device from the dropdown. Then, add Capability to bring in different data streams. 

Click Update and you should see your data populate the tile.

You can add as many tiles as you want to fully customize your dashboard. The food scale dashboard utilizes line graph and last known value (LKV) tiles to show the weight over time, the current weight and the change in weight since the last reading.

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