Solder QT Py

Use a STEMMA JST PH wire to the QT Py.

Solder the red wire to the 5v pin to the QT Py.
Solder the black wire to the gnd pin.
Solder the white wire to the A1 pin.

Plug the cable into the port on the TCRT1000 STEMMA.

Mount QT Py

Pass the QT Py through the printed holder, with the USB port close to the edge. Insert at an angle with the STEMMA port first, then apply slight pressure to the USB port to press fit into place.

Mount TCRT

Pass the TCRT board through the printed holder and align the screw holes to the QT Py holder.

Fasten TCRT

Use two M2.5x5mm screws to mount the TCRT board to the holder.

Fasten one M2x5mm screw to join both printed holders together.


2020 Mount

Use two M2x12mm screws to attach the 2020 mount.

Filament Guide

Use two M2x8mm screws to attach the filament guide.

USB power

Plug a USB cable to power, most printers have a USB port on the side. You can use a right angle adapter to connect.

Mount to 2020 frame

The bar part mounts to a 2020 extrusion frame. Place the filament over the grooves on the guide part to install. 

Build Warning Light Circuit

Follow the wiring on the Circuit Diagram page to build the driver for the warning light on a FeatherWing Proto board with socket Headers.

Mount to Warning Stand

Use M2x5mm screws to mount the FeatherWing Proto board to the standoffs on the stand part.

Mount Warning Light

Pass the wires on the warning light through the cutout on the stand print. Connect the Warning Light wires to the 2 pin terminal on the FeatherWing Proto board.

Align the screws on the warning light to the screw holes on the stand print. Use the included nuts to fasten the light to the stand.

Stack Feather to Proto board

Align and press the headers on the Feather to the FeatherWing Proto board. Use a USB C cable to power the Feather.

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