Mount QTPY

Angle one side of the QT Py board at an angle. The board snap fits into the corners.

Attach Servo holder

Align the servo holder, as shown, to the screw holes on the QT Py mount.

Use two M2.5x5mm screws to attach the parts.

Assemble sensor mount

Align the inner screw mounts to the screw mounts on servo holder.

Use two M2.5x5mm screws to secure.

Attach sensor

The SCD40/41 sensor is secured with two or four M3x5mm screws.

Press fit servo

Align the wire to the cutout on the servo holder. Slide the servo into the holder with the shaft facing outward. 

Connect Sensor 

Use a short Stemma cable to connect the sensor to the QT Py.

Attach Servo


Solder the servo to the QT Py directly or by adding short female headers with jumper cables for a modular build.  

Attach lid


Fit the cutout on the lid to the shape of the servo housing. 

Use M2x12mm screws to attach the servo to the lid.

Slide the lid assembly inside the case. Align the sensor to the center square cutout on the case.

Press fit the snaps on the case to the snaps on the lid to securely attach. 

Attach wall hook


Use M2.5x8mm screws to attach the wall hook to the back of the case.


Assemble wings


Lay the bird on top of the wing with a nub. Place the wing with a hole on top of the bird. Use heat to soften the tip of the nub. Use a small spatula to flatten the nub. This will create a rivet to secure the wings together. 

Attach bird horn


First set the servo position to "up". Align and press fit the bird "horn" to the servo shaft. 


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