Before going farther into this guide, it'd be best for you to test your app on your device or Xcode's Simulator. Below we offer a free sample app for you to download and test. 

Download and unzip the sample app that we've provided above, then open up Xcode if it isn't open already, so we can get started. If you already have an app that you'd like to test, you can test that instead.

Once you've opened the app you've chosen within Xcode, locate your Project navigator then click on your Root Project node as seen below.

Once you've selected the Root Project node, you should see a catagory called Identity. Make sure that your Bundle Identifier field is filled in with a unique bundle identifier name. If it's left blank you'll receive an Invalid Argument error when you start to run your app. Also if it's not already selected choose your account within the Team section.

Below that you'll see your Development Info catagory. Make sure you set Deployment Target to 9.3 or higher if available.

Ok, we are almost ready to build. Before we hit run we'll need to select our device in the Device Scheme thats located in the upper left area of the  screen.

Once you've done that, hit the Build button that looks like a play button or hit ⌘R.

If Xcode doesn't recognize your device make sure your Team account is selected under the "Identity" category then reset Xcode

Once you've hit the Build button, you should see the app display on your device.

You can do the same in Simulator. Instead of choosing your device in the Scheme Chooser, you can choose various iPad and iPhone versions that will run your app within Simulator. Once you've selected a device version hit ⌘R. This will launch the simulator so you can try out the fancy new app and also take screenshots you'll need!

To make screenshots of the simulator hit ⌘S within the IOS Simulator. Remember this step, you'll need to make screenshots of your app later on in the guide.
You might encounter a Developer Disk Image error. To fix that you'll need to update your software. Make sure you're running El Captain so that you'd have the most recent version of Xcode so that it'd be able to use your mobile device.

This guide was first published on Aug 16, 2016. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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