Now you'll need to manage your provisioning and distribution profiles within Xcode. Go to the Xcode drop-down menu and select Preferences.

While you're on the Preferences page click on the Accounts tab. Once you do that you'll need to add your Apple ID. At your bottom left you shoud see a [+] button -  click on it and select "Add Apple ID"

You'll need to add your Apple ID info here...

Now that you've signed into your Apple ID, you'll need to download your provisioning profiles that we made earlier. On the same page click the "View Details..." button.

Here you can download your Provisioning profiles and Signing Identities. Click on the "Create" buttons next to your signing identities. If your account has any uninstalled provisioning profiles, you can download them individually or all together with the "Download All" button on the bottom left. Go ahead and click the "Download All" button then hit "Done" when you're finished.

Once you're done that, we'll be ready to submit your app to iTunes Connect.


This guide was first published on Aug 16, 2016. It was last updated on Jul 12, 2016.

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