In order to make space for the second set of USB ports, and the extended GPIO slot, the Composite video port (Yellow RCA block connector) got the chop.
The blue (or black) headphone jack also got a little bit of reworking, instead of being large and chunky it's now quite svelte!

According to Pi Team there's also an improved audio power supply so the audio output sounds nicer - we don't have a schematic from the Pi Foundation yet, so we don't know precisely what changed
The nice thing about this jack is that its a 4-pole (TRRS) type connector. If you plug in stereo headphones it will work like a headphone jack. If you plug in an A/V cable like this:
You'll get stereo (red and white) plus video on the yellow cable.

If you're recycling some older cable - you may have to experiment with which cable color is which output. Different camcorders/iPods had different pinouts for audio vs video so don't be surprised if "white" is video and "yellow" is audio. It is not harmful to experiment as the voltage levels for video and audio are similar.

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