A set of python based tools are included as part of the WICED Feather SDK.  You generally only need to use these tools in very specific circumstances, but they are listed below and then discussed in further detail elsewhere in this learning guide.

On Windows, the BSP package that contains the tools folder is normally found in the


folder. On OS X it can usually be found in the



pyresource.py (Convert static files to C headers)

pyresource.py can be used to recursively convert text and binary files into C headers that can be used by modules like AdafruitHTTPServer. These files can then be embedded as part of your user sketch, and served as resources like images, HTML or JavaScript content, etc.

For more information see the dedicated pyresource.py page in this guide.

pycert.py (Python TLS Certificate Converter)

pycert.py is a python tool that will retrieve the root certificate chain for a specific domain, converting it into a byte array and placing it in a standard C header file.

This header file can then be referenced in your code, and added to the default WICED root certificate list (via Feather.addRootCA) that validates security data sent from secure domains and websites.

For more information see the dedicated pycert.py page in this guide.

feather_dfu.py (Python USB DFU Utility)

This python tool is used by the Arduino IDE to perform common operations like resetting into DFU mode, updating the flash contents of the MCU, performing a factory reset, or getting some basic information about the modules.

While the tool is intended to be used by the Arduino IDE, you are also free to use it from the command line.

For more information see the dedicated feather_dfu.py page in this guide.

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