This example (located in Adafruit_WICED_Arduino/examples/WiFi) will perform a DNS lookup based on the specified domain name or IP address.


Set your AP details using the WLAN_SSID and WLAN_PASS flags, setting them to the values used by you own access point:

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      #define WLAN_SSID             "YOUR SSID HERE"
#define WLAN_PASS             "YOUR SSID KEY HERE"

Set the domain name or the IP address that you wish the resolve using the following variables:

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// target by hostname
const char target_hostname[] = "";

// target by IP String
const char target_ip_str[] = "";

Compile and Flash

You can then compile and flash your sketch to the WICED Feather using the 'Download' arrow icon at the top of the IDE:

You should see the USB DFU progress as the update advances, and there will be a 'Done Uploading' message in the top left of the status bar when you are done:

Testing the Sketch

Wait a few seconds for the USB CDC serial interface to enumerate, and then open the Serial Monitor using either the Serial Monitor icon in the upper-right of the IDE or via Tools > Serial Monitor:

This will cause the WICED Feather to attempt to connect to the access point, and then it will attempt to look up the specified domain or IP address:

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