The WICED Feather board support package includes a number of examples to help you get your project up and running with a minimum of effort.

Accessing the Examples (Arduino 1.6.5)

At present, the BSP installation is a manual process, as described in Get the WICED BSP earlier in this guide.  To access to examples contained in this BSP, you will need to use a different menu path than you normally would:

Accessing the Examples (Arduino >= 1.6.8)

Recent versions of the Arduino IDE (after the 1.6.5 release used during development of this BSP) have changed the way examples sketches appear.  On a newer version of the Arduino IDE (like 1.6.9), the WICED examples will no longer appear in the 'File > Sketchbook' menu item.

To make the examples visible you must copy the contents of the `hardware/Adafruit_WICED_Arduino/examples` folder to your local sketchbook folder under a WICED subdirectory, so something like: `sketchbook/WICED/examples'

Example Folders

The examples are broken up into sub-folders to try to keep things organized, although the exact folder structure is likely to evolve with time so it may not resemble exactly the image shown above.

As of the initial release, the following major folders are present:

  • Adafruit: This folder contains test code that makes use of some specific Adafruit hardware
  • AIO: Sketches making use of the Adafruit IO servers
  • Hardware: Examples showing how to use the peripherals on the STM32F205 MCU
  • HTTP: Examples showing how to work with HTTP servers and data
  • MQTT: Examples showing how to work with MQTT brokers
  • TCP: Examples showing how to work with TCP sockets and connections
  • TLS: Examples showing how to work with secure TLS/SSL/HTTPS TCP connections
  • UDP: Examples related to UDP sockets and connections
  • WiFi: General purpose wireless examples for the WICED Feather
  • stm32: This folder contains libraries that are part of the WICED Feather BSP

Making Modifications to the Examples

One side effect of the examples being located outside of the normal examples structure is that any changes you make to your sketch will be saved to the original example file.

If you need to revert back to the original example, you may need to copy the code back from the original github repo.  The examples code can always be seen here:

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