This example shows how you can use the BLEBeacon helper class and advertising API to configure your Bluefruit nRF52 board as a 'Beacon'.

Complete Code

 This is an example for our nRF52 based Bluefruit LE modules

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 MIT license, check LICENSE for more information
 All text above, and the splash screen below must be included in
 any redistribution
#include <bluefruit.h>

// Beacon uses the Manufacturer Specific Data field in the advertising packet,
// which means you must provide a valid Manufacturer ID. Update
// the field below to an appropriate value. For a list of valid IDs see:
// - 0x004C is Apple
// - 0x0822 is Adafruit
// - 0x0059 is Nordic
// For testing with this sketch, you can use nRF Beacon app
// - on Android you may need change the MANUFACTURER_ID to Nordic
// - on iOS you may need to change the MANUFACTURER_ID to Apple.
//   You will also need to "Add Other Beacon, then enter Major, Minor that you set in the sketch
#define MANUFACTURER_ID   0x0059

// "nRF Connect" app can be used to detect beacon
uint8_t beaconUuid[16] = {
  0x01, 0x12, 0x23, 0x34, 0x45, 0x56, 0x67, 0x78,
  0x89, 0x9a, 0xab, 0xbc, 0xcd, 0xde, 0xef, 0xf0

// A valid Beacon packet consists of the following information:
// UUID, Major, Minor, RSSI @ 1M
BLEBeacon beacon(beaconUuid, 1, 2, -54);

void setup() {

  // Uncomment to blocking wait for Serial connection
//  while ( !Serial ) delay(10);

  Serial.println("Bluefruit52 Beacon Example");


  // off Blue LED for lowest power consumption
  Bluefruit.setTxPower(0);    // Check bluefruit.h for supported values

  // Manufacturer ID is required for Manufacturer Specific Data

  // Setup the advertising packet

  Serial.printf("Broadcasting beacon with MANUFACTURER_ID = 0x%04X\n", MANUFACTURER_ID);
  Serial.println("open your beacon app to test such as: nRF Beacon");
  Serial.println("- on Android you may need to change the MANUFACTURER_ID to 0x0059");
  Serial.println("- on iOS you may need to change the MANUFACTURER_ID to 0x004C");

  // Suspend Loop() to save power, since we didn't have any code there

void startAdv(void)
  // Advertising packet
  // Set the beacon payload using the BLEBeacon class populated
  // earlier in this example

  // Secondary Scan Response packet (optional)
  // Since there is no room for 'Name' in Advertising packet
  /* Start Advertising
   * - Enable auto advertising if disconnected
   * - Timeout for fast mode is 30 seconds
   * - Start(timeout) with timeout = 0 will advertise forever (until connected)
   * Apple Beacon specs
   * - Type: Non-connectable, scannable, undirected
   * - Fixed interval: 100 ms -> fast = slow = 100 ms
  Bluefruit.Advertising.setInterval(160, 160);    // in unit of 0.625 ms
  Bluefruit.Advertising.setFastTimeout(30);      // number of seconds in fast mode
  Bluefruit.Advertising.start(0);                // 0 = Don't stop advertising after n seconds  

void loop() {
  // loop is already suspended, CPU will not run loop() at all


You can use the nRF Beacons application from Nordic Semiconductors to test this sketch:

Make sure that you set the UUID, Major and Minor values to match the sketch above, and then run the sketch at the same time as the nRF Beacons application.

With the default setup you should see a Mona Lisa icon when the beacon is detected. If you don't see this, double check the UUID, Major and Minor values to be sure they match exactly.

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