Circuit Playground started its life as a board with simple requirements - just work with Arduino IDE and But since it's initial launch in 2015 we've learned a lot and improved the board greatly!

There are TWO Circuit Playgrounds - one Classic and one Express.

The Classic version can run Arduino and

The Express version can run MakeCode, CircuitPython, Arduino, and CS Discoveries.

How to tell if you have a Classic

Current Circuit Playground Classic boards have Classic written on the back lower half

Older Circuit Playground Classics didn't have the word Classic on the back, but they do have text that says the chip type, ATmega32U4

How to tell if you have an Express

Express boards have CIRCUIT PLAYGROUND EXPRESS on the back lower half. They'll also note the chip is an ATSAMD21

This guide was first published on Apr 26, 2016. It was last updated on Oct 22, 2017.

This page (Classic vs. Express) was last updated on Oct 03, 2017.

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