We wrapped up everything you need to run Arduino code on your Circuit Playground is wrapped up into a tidy library that integrates all the sensing and lighting.

Installing Via Library Manager

The Circuit Playground library is available on the Adafruit GitHub website. but what's nice is that Arduino IDE comes with a version of the library and its super easy to update.

We recommend updating the library even if you just installed the Arduino IDE, we have constant updates!

 In the menubar click "Sketch", then "Include Library"


At the top, click "Manage Libraries. . ."

Search for Adafruit Circuit Playground library and click Update to get the very latest version!

Run the Demo

Now that you have the library installed you can continue.

Follow the Arduino Set Up guide page to make sure you can Blink upload. Once that's known to work, come back here.

Select the Circuit Playground Board

Under the Tools -> Board submenu, pick Adafruit Circuit Playground

Select the matching Port

Under Tools->Port select the port that is labeled (Circuit Playground)

Load the Demo Program

OK you're now ready to load the demo. Under File->Examples locate Adafruit Circuit Playground and then select the demo program.

Compile/Verify the Demo

Click the Verify button (also the Sketch->Verify menu item) to compile/verify the demo. Make sure you get "Done compiling." and no errors

Upload Demo

Click the Upload button to upload the code

You should get a Done uploading. message in the blue statusbar

You can now run the serial console to get data output:

You'll get information such as:

  • "Capacitive touch" readings for all 8 outer pads (under 50 means not touched, over 100 usually means the pads are touched)
  • Slide switch location (left or right)
  • If the Right and Left buttons are pressed
  • Light sensor readings, higher values mean more light
  • Sound sensor readings
  • X, Y and Z accelerometer readings
  • Temperature in Celsius

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