This page will show you how to pair your Bluefruit EZ-Key to a Windows computer. It's tested on XP and 7 but should work similarly with Windows 8.

You only have to pair once - after the EZ-Key is paired to a computer it will auto-connect from then on

First up, you'll have to make sure you have Bluetooth v2.1 or greater on your computer. Many laptops have BT built in and unless its a really old machine (< 2008), the built in BT should be OK. If you do not have BT built in, you'll need a USB dongle such as this one
Many ultra-low cost USB adapters you may find are BT v2.0 and NOT v2.1. You MUST have a v2.1 or greater adapter, as v2.0 does not support the way we handle pairing. If you get a BT v4 module you will have no problems, so please do not use "$2" adapters!

Step 0. Install USB adapter

99% of the time, you can just plug it in and Windows will automatically install the drivers, as there are only two main chipsets (CSR & Broadcom) and they have built in support.

Step 1. Power the Bluefruit EZ-Key and Press the Pair Button

The title of this step is pretty much what you have to do. Remember that you have solder the 0.1" headers to the module or at least solder wires to the Vin and Ground connections. Connect Vin to 3 to 16VDC (5V is ideal) and ground to the ground power wire.
You should see the red LED blink. Now press the mini button on the EZ Key for 5 seconds and release, this will erase any old pairing information and let you re-pair to your computer.

The red LED will now blink at a steady once-a-second.

Step 2 Pair using Windows Bluetooth services

In the Control Panel, find the Add Bluetooth Device entry
Wait a minute until you see the Adafruit Keyboard device show up with the full ID name, it will look like this:
Select the Adafruit EZ-Key and press Next
It may take up to 3 minutes to get the driver and install it, this is normal. If Windows complains about a timeout, just start the process over (it's rare for that to happen)

If it asks you for a passcode, the pairing code is 1234
That's it! You will now see the red LED blinking much slower, to indicate it is paired succesfully

This guide was first published on Sep 27, 2013. It was last updated on Sep 22, 2016.

This page (Windows) was last updated on Sep 27, 2013.

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